low1 [ lou ] adjective ***
▸ 1 small in height
▸ 2 small in amount
▸ 3 unhappy, lacking energy
▸ 4 voice/sound: quiet/deep
▸ 5 unfair/dishonest
▸ 6 about clothes
1. ) small in height or smaller than the usual height:
a low wall/bridge/building
a ) not far above the ground:
The plane was very low.
low clouds
b ) used about the level of water in a river or the ocean:
The tide is low.
─ opposite HIGH
2. ) small in amount or level:
people on low incomes
The bigger stores are able to keep their prices low.
low unemployment
Cook it for five minutes on a low heat.
in the low 20s/30s etc. (=between 20 and 25): Temperatures are usually around the low 30s at this time of year.
─ opposite HIGH
a ) used about foods that contain a smaller amount of a substance than usual:
yogurt with a low fat content
low in: Vegetables are low in fat and calories and high in nutrition.
low-fat: low-fat cheese
─ opposite HIGH
b ) used about supplies of things when a lot has been used:
Stocks were so low that many of the shelves in the store were empty.
run/get low (on something): A message appears on the screen when you're running low on disk space.
c ) used about equipment that is not producing much energy, or has not got much energy left:
There was music on and the lights were low.
run/get low: Most phones tell you when the battery is running low.
d ) used about the quality or standard of something:
The standard of housing in some areas is very low.
─ opposite HIGH
e ) used about the importance or status of something:
Doing the garden is fairly low on my list of priorities.
low-priority (=much less important than other things): Food will not be sent to low-priority areas until next week.
─ opposite HIGH
3. ) someone who is low feels unhappy and does not have much hope or confidence:
low spirits: It was unlike her to be in such low spirits.
a ) used about someone who does not have much energy:
It's the kind of illness that leaves you feeling low for a few days.
b ) used about someone's negative attitude:
Sandra's problem is she has really low expectations.
Morale is really low in the office.
He has a very low opinion of his colleagues (=thinks they are not very good).
─ opposite HIGH
4. ) a low voice or sound is quiet and difficult to hear
a ) used for describing a deep voice or a sound that has a long WAVELENGTH:
She finds it difficult to reach the low notes.
─ opposite HIGH
5. ) unfair or dishonest:
That was a low trick.
6. ) a piece of clothing that is low shows your neck and a lot of your chest
╾ low|ness noun uncount
low 2 [ lou ] adverb **
1. ) in or to a low position:
The airplane seemed to be flying very low.
2. ) quietly:
I asked them to turn the volume down low.
a ) in a deep voice or with a similar sound:
The bass guitar tends to play lower than the rest of the band.
She can sing high or low.
stoop/sink so low
to do something very unfair or dishonest:
Just how low is the party prepared to stoop in order to win votes?
─ opposite HIGH
=> HIGH 2, LAY1, LIE1
low 3 [ lou ] noun count
1. ) BUSINESS the lowest level, value, or price:
fall/plunge to a new low: The euro fell to a new low against the dollar yesterday.
a record/all-time low (=worse than ever before): Share prices hit an all-time low.
a ) used about temperatures:
Overnight lows will be around 5 degrees Celsius.
2. ) a bad time in your life:
highs and lows (=good times and bad times): He's experienced all the highs and lows of an actor's life.
an all-time low (=the worst time): The game was one of the all-time lows in the team's history.
3. ) an area of low air pressure: DEPRESSION
the lowest of the low BRITISH HUMOROUS
someone from the lowest social class
─ opposite HIGH
low 4 [ lou ] verb intransitive LITERARY
when cows low, they make their typical deep long sound

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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